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Baylor College of Medicine/ Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center research group is currently recruiting for a full-time research project coordinator/ psychometrist. This individual will work on several multimodal projects that include assessments of the cognitive, neurological, and sensory functions, neuroimaging, and specimen collection. The study population will include active and former military service members and civilians with and without a history of brain injury, psychiatric disorders, and substance abuse. The position will require contacting prospective participants, scheduling, screening, consenting, interviewing, psychological test administration, operation of assessment equipment (e.g. audiometer and eye tracking), test scoring and data entry, training of participants to complete a simple computerized cognitive task, acquisition of magnetic resonance imaging data, processing of blood and saliva samples, and assisting with the setup of project conference calls and meetings. Other research opportunities may become available in the future.

If interested, please send your CV to